Men's cable channel Spike TV is joining other Viacom properties that have taken their content digital in a significant way with Wednesday's official launch of a broadband player on

PC and Mac users can access the Flash-based player to view original programming as well as content tied to the cable channel itself and a cam-in feature where users can interact with Spike talent during live events.

Steve Farrell, Spike vp digital media, divided the Spike brand of action content into three levels - accessible, inspirational and straight insane.

The original broadband content ranges from Rattlesnake Raceway, where a group of everyday guys become local dirt racetrack heroes, to Geek-Ray-Vision, a show that Farrell described as for that other guy who is no less of an action aficionado but more prone to spending their time online and loving all things tech.

Upcoming originals include Burning at the Thunderdome, which recaps the adventures of some Silicon Valley misfits as they bungee jump at the Annual Burning Man Festival in Nevada, to the tentatively-titled Spike's Hottest Bartenders: NYC tracking the best-looking female bartenders in the Big Apple, synchronized with Spike TV's late-night programming block.