“Splatoon” is getting its first major update since it was released on May 28, with Nintendo confirming that it will arrive on August 5. More importantly, it will bring ranked Squad battles and a Private Battle feature, similar to other eSports.

Squad Battle allows players to join a team of between two-to-four players in ranked battles, while Private Battle will allow players to choose the map, mode and weapons for the game. The level cap will be increased so players can reach level 50, instead of capping at 20. It will also add ranks S and S+ above A+.

The update will also include new items, with two new weapon types – the “Sloshers” and “Splatlings” – and more than 40 pieces of other gear, including a leather jacket and a sushi chef outfit, available in the in-game store.

Splatoon Update The "Splatoon" update will be released by Nintendo on August 5 and will include new weapons like the bucket-like Slosher weapon and the Splatling Gun. Photo: Nintendo

This is the first in a series of updates that Nintendo has planned for “Splatoon” with more weapons and maps planned for release this year, including Rainmaker Ranked Battle mode.