Music plays an vital role in video games. It also makes each gaming experience worthwhile. Swedish streaming service provider Spotify knows these, so now it has launched a hub where its users, especially the gamers, can take a journey to the eargasmic video game soundtracks and curated playlists.

Called Spotify Gaming, this all-new gaming portal boasts of 120 official video game soundtracks so far, and the collection includes the music of 65Daysofstatic for “No Man’s Sky,” Faunts’ final credits song for “Mass Effect” and Gustavo Santaolalla’s official scores for “The Last of Us.” TechCrunch also stated that “Bastion” and “Monument Valley” players will also find the music featured in the two games on Spotify Gaming. 

Spotify Gaming is available wherever Spotify is found, so interested listeners who have devices running on Android and iOS can get the Spotify app to access the musical gaming hub. In addition, Spotify Gaming is also available on PlayStation and PC, so there’s no reason hardcore gamers could miss it.

Interestingly, Spotify Gaming is not limited to video game OSTs only. It also includes traditional music and the latest pop hits that go well with video games. These songs are found on Spotify’s curated collections. According to LifeHacker, users can also dig through the community and featured playlists for more music that could enhance any gaming experience. 

For non-players who want to immerse into gaming scores but do not know yet where to begin, Gizmodo’s Darren Orf listed his top five gaming soundtracks that could also reel you in. They are David Korb’s “Bastion” original OST, Disasterpeace’s music for “FEZ,” Thomas Happ’s composition for “Axiom Verge,” Toby Fox’s soundtrack for “Undertale” and the official soundtrack of “Chrono Trigger.”

With its vast collection, there is sure to be one or more that would prove interesting to every video gamer. Heck, even non-players who love good music would find themselves enjoying their time while accessing Spotify Gaming.