Sprint customers will now net all the benefits of Google Voice, Google and Sprint announced.

Sprint is offering its 50 million U.S. customers the ability to integrate their phone numbers with Google's Voice service. Launched in 2009, Google Voice offers a host of features, including call routing, online voicemail, and low-priced international calls.

Avoiding the often-involved process of manually porting their phone numbers, Sprint customers can expect the Google Voice integration soon according to Google Software Engineer Jacob Hesch.

The move comes shortly after AT&T and T-Mobile announced a merger that will reduce the number of major American wireless companies to just three. The move, which has raised regulatory concerns, is widely believed to put Sprint at the greatest disadvantage.

Google also announced today the Nexus S 4G, the successor to its Nexus S phone. Available on Sprint's network, the phone features a 4 display, 1GHZ Hummingbird processor, and near-field communication hardware. The phone will be available this Spring, Google said.