As ultra-portable tablets grow exponentially in popularity, 1 in 3 tablet owners use their device while in the bathroom, according to a survey from Staples.

This comes as no surprise as tablet computers are the latest device for improved portability, with nearly 100 percent of those surveyed said they purchased a tablet device for the convenience of size.

With the key features of a full-sized computer, shrunk down to sizes ranging from 11 to 14 inches, many tablet computer owners carry around their tablets in their bags and briefcases, citing portability as the most important highlight, over video chatting and accessibility.

Staples Advantage, the business-to-business division of Staples Inc., surveyed more than 200 tablet owners in June regarding their intents of purpose and insight about tablets.

95 percent of surveyed individuals use their tablets as a supplemental device to a laptop or PC, though more than 60 percent believe tablets will one day become their primary device for computing, according to Staples.

Coming as no surprise to Staples, more than 60 percent of users surveyed admit to using their tablets while on vacation to do work while the same amount believes they get more work done since owning a tablet.

As a device to bridge the world of both home and office, according to Staples, 80 percent of tablet owners say they enjoy an improved work/life balance because of the technology.

Tablets offer fantastic convenience and a better work/life balance, making it easy for employees to keep information with them and utilize business apps, no matter where they go. For employers, the benefit is having a more productive workforce that's always connected to what's happening at the office, said vice president and general manager for Staples Technology Solutions, Ed Ludwigson, in a press release.

No matter where they go is an understatement, as nearly 80 percent of users admitted to using a tablet while in bed, 30 percent in restaurants and 35 percent in one of the most private places: while in the bathroom.