Star Jones lashed out on Twitter regarding the ruling of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case, which cleared DSK of sexual assault charges against a maid.

I don't feel sorry for DSK..he can take his SLEAZY butt back to France...I feel sorry for other women who will be scared to report a rape, Jones tweeted on Wednesday.

As one of the outspoken hosts of ABC's The View, it is not uncommon for Jones to release her opinion. But she had some choice words to say regarding the former International Monetary Fund (IMF) head, who was arrested in May on attempted rape charges, and Nafissatou Diallo, the maid who allegedly lied about the incident in a New York Hotel.

An alleged victim who lies CONVINCINGLY...with details...about a previous RAPE...only has herself to blame for the DA doubting her veracity, Jones said about the charges which were dropped on Tuesday.

I don't know enough about either DSK or Ms Diallo to evaluate WHO is lying...but as a DA...if I didn't believe my witness; I'd dismiss. She told a truly convincing story to Robin Roberts about DSK, but now we know she told an EQUALLY convincing LIE about a previous Rape, Jones said in two separate tweets.

The series of tweets from Jones on Wednesday continued for about an hour after the talk show host admitted to just reading the DA's report to dismiss the case. Her tweets got more graphic as Star Jones' rant continued on, persistently referring to DSK as sleazy.

WORSE case: DSK raped a damaged woman. BEST case: he got a quick BJ from an unknown maid & then went to lunch with his DAUGHTER! SLEAZY, Jones said.

Adding one final detail, Jones tweeted, Oh...and be clear I think DSK is a sleazy old rich geezer...but that isn't a crime.