It’s rare for someone who lands such an iconic role as Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars” to move on to yet another legendary character, but that’s just what Mark Hamill did by becoming the voice actor of Batman’s arch nemesis, The Joker. Now, the actor’s social media is blowing up with images of the clown prince of crime as he announces his reprisal of the role for the character's most intense plot yet. 

In 1988, “Watchmen” and “V for Vendetta” writer Alan Moore teamed with illustrator Brian Bollard to create one of the most disturbing storylines in the caped crusader’s history, “The Killing Joke.” In it, readers meet a young engineer who, in one day, loses everything he holds dear. The bad day is capped off with a nose dive into a vat of chemicals that turn the young engineer’s skin white, his hair green and his mind insane. Warner Bros. and DC Comics announced in July 2015 that they would be making an animated film adaptation of “The Killing Joke” and Hamill has now revealed that he’ll voice the clown prince of crime yet again. 

Previously, the “Star Wars” actor voiced the character on “Batman: The Animated Series” in the 90s. Most recently, his maniacal version of The Joker can be heard in the very popular “Batman: Arkham” trilogy of video games. Now, Hamill is reprising his role alongside noted Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy, Tara Strong as Barbara Gordon and Ray Wise as Commissioner Gordon. 

“The chance to work once again with Kevin Conroy, my favorite Batman, in what some consider the definitive origin of this iconic villain is a dream come true for me,” Hamill told CBR. “I am beyond thrilled to return as The Joker in ‘The Killing Joke’!”

Soon after the announcement the 64-year-old actor, who can be seen next in “Star Wars: Episode VIII,” posted the first image from the upcoming animated film to Twitter with a few of his favorite lines from the comic book. He also took to Instagram to share a still of The Joker from the source material looking significantly different than we’ve seen him before — not smiling. 


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