The hype for “Star Wars Battlefront” continues. Publisher EA has outlined Drop Zone Mode, a new experience similar to King of the Hill that will see two teams of eight battle it out for control of pods.

"Star Wars Battlefront" is an action game, which can be played from a first-person or third-person point of view, with players able to switch at any time. Set in the Star Wars universe, players can explore planets such as Endor or Hoth and navigate by both air and land-based vehicles.

EA explains in a blog post that players will have to look for the falling pods, locate them and, once there, “trigger the short claim process.” The winner is the first to capture five pods or “control the majority of them after the 10-minute match is up.”

“Whether you’ll be playing Drop Zone on Tatooine, Hoth, Sullust, or Endor, a ton of work has been put in to map design from a gameplay perspective,” says EA in the post.

Team fighting will surely be a huge part of Drop Zone Mode, and the designers have thought of everything. Should one pod constantly change possession so that no team can “claim” it, another pod will be sent down to try and break the standoff.

Once a pod is activated and begins opening a new one drops somewhere else on the map. The incentive to capture a pod is high, as they contain power-ups.

“We’re promoting the idea of a fast, action-packed game where you need to be mobile and think on your feet. Camping doesn’t really pay off,” says lead level designer Dennis Brännvall in EA’s blog post.

“Star Wars Battlefront” is set to be released on November 17 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Are you excited for Drop Zone Mode? Will you be playing as a Rebel or Imperial troop? Let us know in the comments below.