Star Wars Battlefront Blood
"Star Wars Battlefront" will be released Nov. 17, but it won't feature a single-player campaign. Electronic Arts

With a little over two months before the release date of “Star Wars Battlefront,” DICE and EA have finally announced what fans have been clamoring for -- a multiplayer beta for the game. The developer has now confirmed that there will be a technical test that will be conducted sometime in early October.

The three platforms, the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, will all be part of the beta. There will be two modes available for the multiplayer beta: the Walker Assault on Hoth and the Survival Mission on Tatooine. The former will let players be either Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker, while the latter will put the players in the shoes of Rebels to fight against the Imperial forces, according to the official “Star Wars Battlefront” website.

Since this will be a beta test, which are usually done to test the capabilities of the code of the game for a smoother launch, DICE has already announced a few limitations that come with it. Any progress made, including gameplay, achievements, characters and the like will not transfer to the main game at launch.

The developer promised more information for the beta leading to the actual launch date. However, as a teaser, DICE has announced the “Star Wars Battlefront’ companion app. Similar to how companion apps go, this app will allow players to enjoy unlockables and other activities. For this particular app, there will be a strategic card game, titled Base Command, that lets players get in-game credits and unlock items.

It is also a useful companion to the main game as it lets players check states and progress, customize appearances and even connect with friends to be updated with who is online and ready to play “Star Wars Battlefront.”

Even with the good news of the much-requested multiplayer beta, another bit of news may not sit well with fans. DICE and EA have both confirmed that the game will not have a server browser.

IGN reported that “Star Wars Battlefront” will instead use a skill-based matchmaking system to pit players against each other online. Technically, this is in line with what the developer has been harping about -- the difference between “Battlefield” and “Star Wars Battlefront.” Previously, DICE has stated that it did not use the same system for the two games.

However, this move may not be well-received by those who have seen the benefit of server browsers. Some fans have pointed out that the ability to choose maps, modes, number of players and the like cannot be done with matchmaking alone.

For now, EA has yet to comment on the new reception of fans for the announced feature. So far, “Star Wars Battlefront” has proven to deliver promise after promise as fans continue to voice out their interest in the game.

"Star Wars Battlefront" beta info (Credit: YouTube/jackfrags)