Would you spend $10,000 to see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at a movie theater in northeast Ohio? This guy on eBay certainly hopes so, and he’s not the only person convinced his tickets to the eagerly anticipated Star Wars installment will fetch top dollar from some random fans. The secondary market for “Force Awakens” tickets, which have already smashed Hollywood records, is thriving.

"No other franchise inspires this kind of anticipation and rabid enthusiasm," Phil Contrino, vice president and chief analyst at Boxoffice.com, told International Business Times. "Star Wars is definitely in a category all by itself." 

Entertainment Weekly has spotted thousand-dollar tickets to a late-night show in Los Angeles and $750 tickets to an IMAX screening in Austin, Texas, on Craigslist. A pair of tickets to an extremely early 5:15 a.m. IMAX showing at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles is going for $4,000 on eBay.

And, as previously mentioned, there is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see “The Force Awakens” at Tinseltown USA, a movie theater in North Canton, Ohio, on Dec. 17. The $10,000 pair of tickets also includes a limo ride to and from the theater, but only if you live within 60 miles of North Canton. So if you’re coming from, say,  Sandusky, you’ll have to make your own arrangements.

To find your own, you have to go back to the digital secondary market’s old standbys, Craigslist and eBay. Neither StubHub nor SeatGeek permits the sale of movie tickets on their platforms, according to their respective spokesmen. Though before you sit down and try to figure out just how much you're willing to spend to see the seventh installment of a series that's more bad than good, you should probably check with your multiplex first: lots of regular old tickets are still available