Former "Starcraft 2" professional gamer Greg "IdrA" Fields said that he plans to become a game commentator.

This comes after he was unceremoniously booted from his eSports team, Evil Geniuses, for insulting members of the "Starcraft 2" community in a forum post. Fields disclosed his plans this past weekend in a YouTube series dubbed "Real Talk."

In the post, which has since been deleted, Fields said: “Nope you’re all a bunch of f----. It just so happens I get paid to treat you like it. It’s f-----g awesome.” Fields was responding to a forum participant who mused that the pro "Starcraft 2" gamer was "pained and crying inside."

In the YouTube video, Fields said that pro gaming makes him feel "stagnant" and that his departure from Evil Geniuses is an "opportunity," which apparently includes him pursuing a position as an eSports commentator.

You can watch Fields' discuss his plans and dismissal from Evil Geniuses below.

How do you feel about Fields' departure from Evil Geniuses? Do you think it was a just decision or unfair? How do you feel about his desire to provide commentary for future "Starcraft 2" matches? Sound off in the comments below.