The State of Alaska will release more than 24,000 pages of former Governor Sarah Palin’s emails on Friday morning, according to a report on

Release of the email messages between Palin and her husband and about 50 state officials had long been delayed, while various news services and ordinary citizens requested access to them under the state of Alaska public records law.

When emails (even on personal Yahoo accounts) were used on state-owned computers, they became public record, according to advocates agitating for their release. However, others are wondering if all such email messages fall under the “public record” purview.

Initially, Alaskan authorities said they would charge as much as $15 million for Palin’s records, but the price has drastically plummeted to $725.97, or about three cents per page.

The state will release the documents at the door to the current governor's office, and also provide hand-trucks to help reporters and citizens carry.

MSNBC said other copies are being shipped to the city of Anchorage and other parts of Alaska.

MSNBC also noted that while Palin’s term in office lasted only 966 days, the wait for their public release has been going on for 997 days (linger than the time she served).