It's no secret men love to be the breadwinner and if he's a stay-at-home dad it could result in a divorce.

TIME's Healthland reports that there are still strong social pressures for men to be breadwinners, as a recent study published in the American Journal of Sociology shows that for men, unemployment in a relationship is more a prediction for divorce than unhappiness.

Liana Sayer, an associate professor of sociology at Ohio State University and lead author of the study, told Healthland that: It's still unacceptable for men to stay home and take care of the kids.

In her study Sayer found that a woman who was very unhappy in her marriage was more likely to start divorce proceedings if she was working than if she was unemployed, according to the TIME article. However, the article further states that whether or not a woman worked had no relevance on the chance of her husband leaving the relationship.

But unemployed men had a greater chance of their wives leaving them and they would choose to leave even if they were fairly satisfied with their relationship, according to the TIME article.

The recent research depended on data gathered from more than 3,600 couples who took part in the National Survey of Families and Households, funded by the National Institutes of Health.

If working women were unhappy in their relationships they more likely had the resources to leave than those who didn't, researchers presumed.

Sayer told TIME that nothing in that argument means that women's employment will lead to tension.

The researchers also figured that unhappy employed men would be more likely to leave, but didn't find a correlation. Employment status seemed to be the driving factor that led men to leave their marriage, TIME said of the study.