Despite rolling out the largest update for “No Man’s Sky” over the weekend, refund requests continue to pour in that Steam has finally decided to strictly impose its standard refund policy on players who are demanding for a refund though they have played the game for more than two hours.

During the final hours of Sunday, Steam updated its page for “No Man’s Sky” to include a refund notice on Hello Games’ action-adventure survival video game's page. The notice may have been added to inform prospective buyers that Steam is imposing the standard refund policy on the game and to remind players who are thinking of requesting for a refund that no special exemptions apply.

“The standard Steam refund policy applies to ‘No Man’s Sky.’ There are no special exemptions available,” the disclaimer reads.

The addition of the notice comes after several players revealed that Steam approved their refund requests despite having played the game beyond the two-hour  window, PC Invasion reports, adding that such leniency has already been reversed.

The Mary Sue has learned that the standard refund policy gives players who have purchased the game for no more than two weeks and have played it for less than two hours better chances at having their refund requests approved.

Also, despite overtly stating that it is not making special exemptions, The Mary Sue states that Steam is actually willing to make exemptions in cases wherein the player files for a refund with honest intentions and not just trying to beat the system because the game appeared to be underwhelming. How this understanding would work out still remains a mystery, since players are likely to demand for a refund when their expectations for the game are not met.

PC Invasion notes that technical problems, missing features and misleading advertising are the main reasons why players are dissatisfied with “No Man’s Sky” and are now requesting for their money back.

Check out the full Steam refund policy here