Hello Games has released an experimental patch for “No Man’s Sky” via Steam a day after the British video game developer launched the largest update for the PS4 console to date. The developer also included a detailed list of the fixes and changes the experimental patch brings with it.

On Sunday, Hello Games took to the Steam Community’s Discussion Board to announce that the latest patch for the PC version of the game is now available via the new Steam branch, called “Experimental.” The developer also emphasized that this new branch will be updated regularly to resolve the issues users are reporting to them.

With the new “No Man’s Sky” patch, the repro bugs that cause players to fall through the world and get stuck underground have been fixed. The patch also addresses the issue that lead the player’s ship to get stuck in terrain and eventually prevent the ship from taking off.

In terms of the changes and improvements this patch comes with, Hello Games stated that players can now easily scan flying creatures, turn down music and SFX volume, and they can also prevent bumping into the Atlas station with the game’s collision improvements. Check out the full list of changes and fixes of the 1.07 update for the two platforms here.

Meanwhile, GearNuke has learned some of the changes that are specific for the PS4 update via a Reddit user. According to the compiled list of the Reddit user, the “No Man’s Sky” 1.07 update for the PS4 removes the small stutter when players save at an outpost beacon and the recharge photon cannon text box prompt.

In addition, the update also removes the verbal announcement for the 75 percent life support and the upload discovery option when the player is on a planet sans fauna. The user also noted that the atlas path is on the fifth waypoint marker in the galaxy map and that the height and weight issues when scanning a creature has been addressed.

Finally, the user specified that when playing “No Man’s Sky” before the update, the plasma launcher only recharged up to the 70 percent mark. With the update, the plasma launcher now charges up to 100 percent.

The release of the updates for the PS4 and the PC platforms comes amid the disappearance of “No Man’s Sky” from Steam’s Top Sellers chart and the soaring requests for refund from players who bought the game amid the intense hype prior its release.

Slashdot reports that Steam, the PlayStation Network and even Amazon are now issuing refunds to players in the wake of the negative reviews and backlash “No Man’s Sky” has been receiving since its launch due to the game’s poor interface and numerous bugs.

In response to the increasing requests for refunds from players, Sony’s former Strategic Content Director Shahid Kamal Ahmad took to Twitter to call out the players and label those who have requested for a refund after playing 50 hours of “No Man’s Sky” as “thieves.”