Fans expressed their concern this week as production of The Colbert Report entered a temporary hiatus due to a family emergency. The comedy-news show host's mother, Lorna Colbert, is 'seriously ill,' and a source confirmed the information to the Huffington Post.  However, worried viewers sparked a string of rumors and tweets about the political spoof commentator's whereabouts and the future of the television show.

Perhaps the most outlandish rumor to hit cyberspace was that Colbert was eaten by a bear. This was not true, as confirmed by the Huffington Post. Despite the unbelievable speculation, some fans still questioned the TV star's safety on Twitter:

Hope that all is well with @StephenAtHome and all the rumors are not true. If a bear ate Stephen Colbert I will be very upset! tweeted one user.

Looks like Stephen Colbert was eaten by a bear...uh oh! posted another.

A bit of gossip also said that The Colbert Report has been cancelled, which is also false. According to Comedy Central Colbert is taking a temporary break to take care of his ill mother, but that didn't stop some fans from panicking.

:( :( omg Colbert Report cancelled until further notice??!!! Heart breaking, one tweeter wrote last week.

If Colbert Report is cancelled I don't know what I'll do. I guess I'll be sad for months.

Another false claim said that Colbert himself was suspended from the show, however, it is just the production that has been halted. Once the news broke that the host was just taking a break to care for his mother, viewers took to Twitter to show their support.

What a good son! Hope for a quick recovery for his mother, wrote on fan.

Prayers are with Stephen Colbert, his mother, and his family, posted another.

Colbert hasn't updated his Twitter since Tuesday, Feb. 14, before the hiatus.

This isn't the first family tragedy for the political comic. On Sept. 11, 1974 Colbert's father, James, and two of his brothers were killed in a plane crash.