Sony Pictures has bought the rights to Steve Jobs' authorized biography, Steve Jobs, and will adapt the book into a feature film. first reported the multi-million dollar adaptation deal, which has Mark Gordon attached as producer of the film. Steve Jobs was written by Walter Isaacson and will be published by Simon and Schuster on Oct. 24.

Sony was the studio behind two successful movies concerned with big business recently: The Social Network and Moneyball, which is currently in theaters.

The release date for 'Steve Jobs' has been pushed up twice in the last few months, most recenly after Jobs' death on Oct. 5. The first time the publication date was moved,early this summer, the news prompted speculation that Jobs' health was rapidly declining.

The book is eagerly anticipated, in part because of Jobs' untimely death, but also becasue the Apple CEO was intensely private, revealing precious little about his personal life -- and his health -- to a curious public.

Though many writers were anxious for the opportunity to write an authorized biography, Jobs approached Isaacson -- not the other way around.

In this week's issue of Time magazine, Isaacson excerpted a preview of the biography in honor of Jobs' death:

In the early summer of 2004, I got a phone call from him. He had been scattershot friendly to me over the years, with occasional bursts of intensity, especially when he was launching a new product that he wanted on the cover of Time or featured on CNN, places where I'd worked. But now that I was no longer at either of those places, I hadn't heard from him much.

Jobs asked if Isaacson could take a walk and talk.

That seemed a bit odd. I didn't yet know that taking a long walk was his preferred way to have a serious conversation. It turned out that he wanted me to write a biography of him...Because I assumed that he was still in the middle of an oscillating career that had many more ups and downs left, I demurred. Not now, I said. Maybe in a decade or two, when you retire.

But I later realized that he had called me just before he was going to be operated on for cancer for the first time. As I watched him battle that disease, with an awesome intensity combined with an astonishing emotional romanticism, I came to find him deeply compelling, and I realized how much his personality was ingrained in the products he created. His passions, demons, desires, artistry, devilry and obsession for control were integrally connected to his approach to business, so I decided to try to write his tale as a case study in creativity.

The biography is compiled from 40 interviews with Jobs, as well as conversations with close family and friens. As of Thursday, 'Steve Jobs' was the top-selling book on