Steve Jobs' biological father has said he yearns to meet his son, whom he now regrets giving up for adoption.

Abdulfattah John Jandali is a Syrian immigrant who is now vice president at a casino in Reno, Nev. He said that it was only a few years ago that he realized that the billionaire was the son he gave up for adoption more than 50 years ago.

He says he has e-mailed Jobs a few times, but at the same time his pride has so far prevented him from meeting his son.

It seems he is not yet fully prepared to pick up the phone and give his son, rumored to be seriously ill, a call.

According to the New York Post, his ex-wife Joanne Simpson gave up the baby as her father did not approve of her marrying a Syrian. Jandali said if it had been his choice he would have kept the baby. Simpson's father died a few months after Jobs was born. After that the pair got married and had more children.

The Post said the Syrian immigrant is a workaholic who has been trying to avoid retirement at all cost.

He is hoping that his son would call him someday so the two could simply go for a cup of coffee.

He also admitted that he is saddened that he has not been a part of his son’s remarkable life.

Steve Jobs’ adoptive parents were a working-class couple, Paul and Clara Jobs, who raised him in Mountain View, Calif. They were only allowed to sign the adoption papers if they promised to send Jobs to a university when he grew up. He lasted only a few months at a university in Oregon and then survived on free meals from a local Hare Krishna temple before going to India to become a Buddhist.