Fans of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs are distraught over his passing on Wednesday of pancreatic cancer.

Jobs's health had been declining for years, and there had been noticeable weight loss in the short period of time that he had been away from being seen in public.

It had been a distressing situation for those who had grown a special bond with the inventor of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, among other popular gadgets.

In 2004, Jobs sent an email to Apple employees explaining that he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his pancreas and had completed a successful operation for its removal.

In 2006, Jobs began looking noticeably gaunt, and vicious rumors circulated that he was near death.

By 2008, it was becoming apparent that Jobs's weight loss might be a sign that his illness was life-threatening. Reports began to surface that Jobs was gravely ill, prompting the already interview-shy innovator to decline all press appearances.

Jobs travelled to Memphis for liver transplant surgery in April 2009, and left the hospital with reportedly positive results, although he took a six-month leave from Apple.

In March 2011, Jobs announced the launch of iPad 2, but five months later would resign as CEO, and would have a role as chairman of the board.