Steven Tyler is getting some backlash for his rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.

But haters might want to try hitting the notes themselves before they throw stones.

The U.S. national anthem is a notoriously difficult song to sing. It has a wide octave range and the lyrics aren't exactly intuitive.

True, Tyler may have taken his interpretation of the anthem a bit far, but he is a rock star.

Here are four other renditions of the national song that garnered the singers some negative attention.

Christina Aguilera, who has been singing the national anthem since she was a little girl, got some bad press for messing up the lyrics while performing before the 2011 Super Bowl. To be fair, she has a beautiful voice, and it was clear that she wasn't being disrespectful. I took in the moment a little bit too much, she told Ellen DeGeneres.

Cyndi Lauper messed up the lyrics and was off-key while singing the national anthem at the 2011 U.S. Open. But that wasn't the worst of it: she appeared to be dancing to a completely different song.

Roseanne Barr gave a loud and obnoxious-sounding performance before a July 1990 San Diego Padres game. She followed this by grabbing her crotch and spitting on the ground. Madonna came to Barr's defense while onstage for a concert. Roseanne Barr, baby, thumbs up, okay? she said. I know you was [sic] paying tribute to me. I know it was a joke. And I'm honored to be honored, okay?

Who could forget the tryout of American Idol hopeful Leandra Jackson? The young woman certainly had pipes, and she seemed to put genuine emotion into her performance, but she wasn't in tune. She'd later get the last laugh, though: she performed at the final show that season to much applause.