Dom del Torto had an unusual way of handling the news that his laptop had been stolen.

The London-based film animator had installed tracking software on his MacBook Pro, and he decided to use the app to share photos of his laptop's new owners online, the Independent reports.

The app also revealed where his laptop had ended up: Tehran, Iran.

Two months after his MacBook was stolen, del Torto started a Tumblr blog called  "Dom's laptop is in Iran," where he shared screenshots taken using the installed software, Hidden App.

“It seemed to me that a laptop that went missing from London and turned up in Iran was like a space probe landing on a distant planet and beaming back proof of intelligent life,” del Torto wrote on his blog.

The app acts like a spy by secretly capturing photos using the laptop’s webcam. Most of the shots are of a woman wearing a baby’s bib on her head, and there's one of two women playing Jenga.




When Del Torto’s Tumblr went viral, the laptop’s current owner saw the images and asked for them to be removed.

“The innocent new owners of my laptop have been in touch. They're mortified about the story and keen to return the laptop,” Del Torto writes on his Tumblr blog. He has since taken down the photos and has clarified that the people in the pictures are not the thieves who stole his laptop.

And although del Torto would like to be reunited with his laptop, he says privacy comes first.

“The safety and well-being of private individuals is more important than any possession. Although I still miss my laptop, I do not wish ill on anyone.”