News Corp's Fox brought in $250 million in advertising revenue on the strength of the most-watched Super Bowl ever, according to news reports.

The conglomerates CEO Rupert Murdoch described the proceeds from the February 4 football game as the biggest day in our company's history, said the Financial Times.

The $250 million yesterday, that was for the television network from when we started up in the morning until we closed up the house in the evening, Murdoch said.

Mr. Murdoch made the disclosure during News Corp.'s second quarter call. The media company said that it would raise its earnings guidance for the year in spite of a softening U.S. economy.

I know there are concerns about the economic environment. We at Fox have not seen any impact to date, said Peter Chernin, News Corp's president, noting that the TV group's advertising rates remained robust. News Corp expects full-year operating earnings to rise in the mid-teens.