Football fans traveling to Lucas Oil Stadium for the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis this Sunday will be happy to learn the forecast looks good, but they should bring an umbrella just in case.

The New England Patriots and New York Giants are competing for NFL's biggest trophy once again in a covered stadium. But snow in Dallas last year proved that weather can make the mass exodus of football fans to an area a major headache.

Flying, driving, parking be a lot easier this year, but tailgating outside may get wet. As of Wednesday, reports that temperatures in Indianapolis will have a high of 47 degrees and a low of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  There is a 40 percent chance of rain on both Saturday and Sunday. reports it will be slightly colder this Sunday, with the high of 43 degrees and a low of 31 degrees. There is a 20 percent chance of precipitation.

Hundreds of flights were canceled just two days before the Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Green Bay Packers when five inches of snow coated Dallas last year, according to The Associated Press. Six private contracters working to prepare the Cowboy stadium ahead of the game were sent to the hospital after injuring themselves on the ice.