A farm in upstate New York created a corn maze featuring characters from Nintendo’s popular game, Super Mario Bros. The maze covers just about eight acres of the Stoughton Farm in Newark Valley.

The maze features images of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad and Yoshi carved into the cornfield. The Stoughton Farm has featured a different corn maze every year since 2005. The maze usually attracts nearly 10,000 visitors every year.

“My wife, Deb, decides the theme,” the family-run farm’s owner Tim Stoughton told ABC News. “She just liked the idea of the Mario brothers because everybody pretty much knows what they are and it’d be fun for the kids to see.”

The Super Mario Bros. maze was designed by a company based in Utah and created by Stoughton and his employees. Creating the maze usually takes a couple of weeks and “a lot of math”, Stoughton added.

“We lay it out into grids and then go in and take the corn out where the pathways should be. We do it when you can still see over the corn, before it gets too tall,” he said. “It’s laying it out in grids and seeing where you are.”

The annual corn maze was set up 12 years ago to draw crowds to the farm, Stoughton said. The farm also sells produce and other goods and runs the maze along with other activities like a nine-foot tube slide and cow train rides to help with expenses.

“We wanted something big to do, to keep us profitable and keep the place running,” he said. The farm previously featured a maze with an anti-bullying message, a Sleepy Hollow maze and a vampire maze.