“Supergirl” actor Mehcad Brooks recently reminded his social media followers that everyone can be a hero.

A day after a Twitter user asked Brooks if he thinks a “black hero” like his Guardian character on the CW series is realistic in today’s climate, the actor took to Instagram to explain that heroes come in all colors, shapes, sizes, genders, creeds and religions. The 36-year-old actor wrote that heroes are made by circumstance and not by birth.

After sharing his thoughts about what makes a hero, Brooks also gave “Supergirl” costume designer Kiersten Ronning a shoutout for designing an extraordinary costume for Guardian.

“Shout out to @kierstenelizabeth our heroic costume designer for designing this incredible super suit even though Winn [Jeremy Jordan] gets all the credit,” read the latter part of Brooks’ social media post.

Brooks made his series debut as Guardian, complete with the suit that Winn built for him, in Season 2, episode 6, titled “Changing.” In the episode, Guardian and his sidekick Winn helped stop the Parasite from wreaking havoc in National City while Supergirl (Kara) was at the D.E.O. recuperating.

While Guardian and Winn’s first mission as a vigilante duo was a success, their new nighttime gig may end soon. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jordan said that the National City Police Department will start looking for Guardian in Season 2, episode 7 after he is accused of a murder he didn’t commit.

“There’s a sort of vigilante who has basically copycatted Guardian and has started taking the law into his own hands, but taking it a little bit too far and actually killing people,” Jordan told the news outlet. “So, the police and Maggie [Floriana Lima] are out on a hunt for Guardian.”

“Supergirl” Season 2, episode 7, titled “The Darkest Place,” airs on Monday, Nov. 21 at 8 p.m. on The CW.