“Supergirl” actor Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Superman on the CW show, has come out to defend himself from all of the negative comments he got from bashers after speaking his mind on Twitter in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The 29-year-old actor put his message into context just for people to clearly understand what he really meant in his previous tweet.

In the late hours of Wednesday, Dylan O’Brien’s “Teen Wolf” co-star wrote an explanation on Twitter for everyone to know what he really meant by his tweet while Trump has yet to be declared as the official winner of the presidential race. “Apparently, my last message was somehow misunderstood by some. So again, Love All, Judge None. It was meant to be a message of love & unity,” Hoechlin wrote.

The “7th Heaven” alum broke his silence after learning about the negative reaction many people gave his previous tweet that read: “Before anything is official, let us remember that above all, we must love & look after one another. No labels, no colors, no hate, love all.”

When he wrote his message of unity on election day, Hoechlin was expecting for people to agree with him. But as it turns out, he ended up receiving a lot of hate from people who are stunned by the victory of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

One Twitter user (@jazfenty) responded to Hoechlin saying: “But if we continue to avoid ‘labels’ and ‘color’ you white people will never understand us poc (people of color) minorities.” Another user (@leetje) commented: “Easy for you to say, you’re a straight, white privileged male. Say that to the millions of people who are literally terrified right now.” Then, user @derektits chimed in: “Like of course you’re going to be able to speak from a neutral position about loving everyone. this doesn’t affect you like it does poc/lgbt.”

Though Hoechlin has been getting a lot of hate from what he tweeted, there are also fans who stood by him. Twitter user @SergioEES wrote: “You just trying to say something positive in this hard time. Don’t listen h8, people are right now very sensitive and hurted (sic).” Meanwhile, @_wolfgirl00 defended Hoechlin by stating: “He maybe white but he still cares about other humans, regardless of colour. It’s called human decency.”