Move over, Hardy Boyz! There’s a new tag team making its way to WrestleMania – and they go by the name of the Winchester brothers. That’s right, when “Supernatural” returns from its winter hiatus in January, fans of the hit CW series can expect Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) to take a break from defeating The Darkness to battle a new big bad … in the ring that is.

TVLine confirmed the exciting news, explaining that the supernatural-hunting bros would be entering the chaotic world of professional wrestling during episode 15 of the show’s eleventh season. And, according to reports, the bad guys Sam and Dean will be facing in the upcoming installment are quite the “colorful” bunch.

The brothers will encounter a wrestling legend named “Gunnar Lawless” in the hour-long episode – a wrestler who struggles with regret, as well as a hot-headed rookie dubbed “Shawn Harley,” whose blossoming career is on the rise. But out of all the newcomers set to be introduced in episode 15, it's a character called “Rio” that intrigues us the most.

According to reports, Rio plays an administrative role in the wrestler’s lives: their manager. And based on her character description, it looks like Rio may have been the one to contact Sam and Dean after witnessing the untimely fates of several of her clients.

Will the boys be able to defeat whatever terror is lurking around the ring? Well, considering Dean is no stranger to pinning down opposing competitors, we think it’s safe to say the Winchester brothers might have a chance of coming out on top after all. In April 1995, Dean was awarded a plaque for winning his high school wrestling championship in his category of 135 pounds. So, fingers crossed the wrestling veteran still has a few tricks up his singlet!

But before the the brothers slip into their wrestling onesies, they'll be sporting their Christmas pajamas in the Season 11 midseason premiere of "Supernatural," which will air Wednesday, Jan. 20. According to a trailer for the upcoming installment, the holiday-themed episode will be a very meta one, featuring Funko “Supernatural” Pop! Vinyl figurines of the show's leads and a seriously twisted version of Santa Claus. Talk about best belated Christmas gift ever!

The “Supernatural” Season 11 midseason premiere will air on Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 9 p.m. EST on the CW.