Nearly half of the people looking to buy a new smartphone within the next 90 days will choose an Apple iPhone, a recent ChangeWave Consumer Smart Phone survey found.

A total of 4,163 consumers were surveyed, 89 percent of whom were located in the U.S. Forty-six percent of those consumers surveyed are looking to buy an iOS device, while 32 percent said they will be getting a device with Google Android OS.

Earlier this month, a report by Kantar Woldpanel ComTech showed that Google's Android was now the most popular OS in eight key countries. It also showed that Android growth the U.K. came from non-smartphone owners who were upgrading to the OS.

That research found that 74.3 per cent of Android sales came from feature phone owners. It also showed that 1.4 per cent of new Android sales came from ex-Apple iOS users.

But even with those bright statistics on the Android's side, it still seems inadequate for users when compared to Apple. But not as bad as Research in Motion's Blackberry smartphones, as only 4 percent of those survey wanted one.

And things could get even better for Apple, as the survey states that service like the iCloud will likely result in an increase of customers buying more Apple products, as 29 percent of Apple product owners and 13 percent of non-Apple product owners have said so.

Furthermore, Apple won in more areas of the survey, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction as 70 percent of iPhone owners said they are very satisfied, while 50 percent of Android device owners reported the same. Only 26 percent of BlackBerry users have said they were very satisfied