Kelley Wentworth became the fifth person voted out of "Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Blood vs. Water" in episode 5. CBS

In episode 4 of “Survivor: San Juan Del Sur -- Blood vs. Water” Coyopa finally won an immunity challenge, their first of Season 29, sending Hunahpu to Tribal Council for the first time. At Tribal Council, Drew Christy became the fourth voted out after an ill-conceived plan to vote out Kelley blew up in his face. With a tribal shake up looming in episode 5, things were about to heat up in San Juan Del Sur.

Here’s how everything went down in episode 5:


After Hunahpu got back from Tribal Council, Jon was apologizing to the tribe, Jeremy especially, fearing he would be next based on his friendship with Drew.

New Tribes

At what the tribes thought was a reward challenge, Jeff surprised the castaways when before the challenge got underway he told them to drop their buffs. Jeff reorganized the tribes, throwing a wrench into many of the alliances that had already been formed. The new tribes were divided up as follows:

Coyopa: Baylor, Dale, Jaclyn, Jon, Keith, Kelley, and Missy

Hunahpu: Alec, Jeremy, Josh, Julie, Natalie, Reed, and Wes

The shakeup left Reed and Josh as the only couple of loved ones on Hunahpu and Keith as the only single player on Coyopa.


At the new Hunahpu tribe, the former Coyopa members were disappointed with the food situation. More importantly, Jeremy worried his former power position in Hunahpu was gone. He immediately started working on Alec (who he said was just like his brother Drew) in the hopes to gain an edge on Reed and Josh. Meanwhile, the old Hunahpu members were excited to arrive at Coyopa and find plenty of rice. The food situation cased some controversy when Dale got annoyed at Missy for the amount of rice she was eating. Dale’s daughter, Kelley, calmed Dale down in order to preserve peace and keep her father from becoming a target.


With no reward challenge (and no Exile Island) this week, the new tribes went right into the immunity challenge. The challenge consisted of a muddy obstacle course for the tribes to navigate to retrieve sandbags, which they then had to throw onto a hanging platform. The new Hunahpu took a big lead early and never looked back, winning the challenge handedly over Coyopa. In addition to their win, Hunahpu appealed to Jeff to make a deal to get more rice with their food supply dwindling. Jeff agreed to meet them the next day (which will be the next episode) to work something out.

Tribal Council

Coyopa, on the other hand, had to decide who would be the first person sent home from their new tribe. The decision would be difficult with three pairs of loved ones on the tribe. Keith was worried that being the only person without a loved one made him vulnerable. However, Keith had a chance with Dale setting his sights on Missy and Baylor and appealing to Jon and Jaclyn. Jon and Jaclyn appeared to agree with Jaclyn, citing her distrust of Baylor from earlier in the game (Baylor switched her vote to go with the guys on Coyopa in episode 1 after convincing the girls to vote for Dale). However, in a shocking move Jon and Jaclyn decided to go with Missy and Baylor, making Kelley Wentworth the fifth person voted out of the game.

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