Josh Canfield (pictured) became the 8th person voted out of "Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Blood vs. Water" in episode 8. CBS

Episode 7 of “Survivor San Juan Del Sur – Blood vs. Water” was a wild one. A merge brought the two tribes together forcing a power struggle between Jeremy and Josh to see which alliance could take control. However, before a tribal council could settle the battle, Julie took the tribe’s fate out of their hands when, emotionally exhausted, she decided to quit the game early. Huyopa would have to adjust in episode 8.

Here’s how it happened in episode 8 of “Survivor” Season 29:


The episode began with Jon and Jaclyn reassessing their decision to blind side Jeremy with Josh, Reed and their alliance. Julie quitting unknowingly saved Jeremy, who had no idea the couple was flipping, but would he catch on before the next tribal council?


The tribe showed up the next day for their first reward challenge since the merge. With a taco bar at stake, the tribes were split into two teams (Keith, Natalie, Reed, Jeremy and Wes vs. Jon, Alec, Baylor, Baylor and Jaclyn). Missy, who was not chosen by either team, sat out with no chance at a reward. The teams had to push a heavy cart along a path with pieces for a temple. They then had to build the temple to reach and raise a flag before the other team. The yellow team (Keith, Natalie, Reed, Jeremy, and Wes) took an early lead and never looked back, winning the coveted reward. The winning team chose Jon from the losing blue team to go (alone) to Exile Island.

At the taco bar reward, the winners were reluctant to talk about strategy with the group split between the two alliances. The reward took a comedic turn when Wes ate a few too many tacos and got sick.

Josh and Baylor

Back at camp, Josh made one last appeal to get Baylor to join his alliance, claiming she owed him for saving her earlier in the game. However, Baylor, taking cues from her mother would give no promises and Josh left the conversation frustrated and hoping that he could still trust Jon and Jaclyn.

Exile Island

Jon received the clue to an immunity idol on Exile Island that he was able to find after searching a rock peninsula on the beach while the tide was low. The idol gave Jon and Jaclyn another advantage in the game.

Battle of the Sexes

Some tension flared up in the tribe when some of the men (particularly Keith, Wes, and Alec) continued to be rude and chauvinistic to the women of the tribe, bossing them around and poking fun at them. Julie expressed some resentment, saying without her and Jon’s vote they would be lost in the game.


Jon returned for the immunity challenge in which all the castaways participated in a memory challenge, remembering series of icons shown by Jeff. After multiple rounds of the competition, the challenge came down to Josh and Jeremy in a battle against the two alliance leaders. In the end, it was Jeremy who would throw a wrench in Josh’s plans by winning immunity.

Tribal Council

With Jeremy (the target of Josh’s alliance) now immune from the vote, both tribes were scrambling. Josh’s alliance of Wes, Keith, Alec and Reed were targeting Baylor hoping Jon and Jaclyn were still on their side. However, Jaclyn pushed Jon to rethink their decision in light of how rude the men were with her while he was on Exile Island. Jon, though, was wary of siding with Jeremy, believing he could not be beaten at the end of the game.

Keith caused a stir when he confessed to Missy that Baylor was a target, causing Missy to have a talk with Jon and Jaclyn. Yet again, the couple was the swing vote heading into tribal council.

At tribal council Jaclyn voiced her frustration with Wes and Alec while bringing up the treatment of the women. The tribal council then quickly turned into an intensely vocal battle between the two alliances to make their last pitch to Jon and Jaclyn. However, when the votes were tallied, Jon and Jaclyn chose Jeremy‘s alliance and Josh Canfield became the 8th person voted out of the game.

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