They finally did it. The remaining castaways of "Survivor: Second Chance" voted out Joe in episode 12, at long last removing the game's biggest physical threat. They had to wait weeks for Joe to lose an individual immunity idol challenge to even have the opportunity to eliminate him -- and then an extra week as the tribe put the task on hold to blindside Stephen -- but now that the deed is done, the tribe will have to figure out who is next on the chopping block in episode 13. 

Watch the promo for episode 13 below:

There is only one episode left before the big finale, so it is crunch time for the remaining castaways. Who needs immunity the most? Here are three players in the hot seat in episode 13:

1. Jeremy Collins

Kelley has gone from being the lowest person on the totem pole to arguably the player most in control of this game. She has had a hand in almost every elimination in the past few weeks, including the blindsides of Stephen and Kelly (Wiglesworth). In episode 12 she raised the idea of an all girls alliance with a very game Kimmi. That is bad news for Jeremy, seeing as he is maybe the biggest male threat left in the game. Tasha seemed to be siding with her original alliance in episode 12, but if she flips, the girls would have a four to three majority. Jeremy does have a hidden immunity idol, but Kelley's plot leaves him more vulnerable in the game than he has been since the merge. 

2. Keith Nale 

Kelley's plan is also, obviosuly, bad for Keith. Keith was the only person who did not vote for Joe in episode 12, which gives fans a pretty clear indication about his social standing in the game. The Louisiana native has never been big on strategy, but has instead reached the final seven via strength in challenges and staying out of everybody's way socially -- he is a just a plain, likeable guy! However, as the game turns down the home stretch, his lack of any real alliance could leave him vulnerable to being the expendable castaway. It might also save him, as castaways might want to bring him to the final three in the hopes they could make an easy case to beat him to the jury, but Keith might want to win immunity again in episode 13 just to be sure. 

3. Abi-Maria Gomes

Joe tossed out Abi's name in episode 12 in a desperate attempt to provide the tribe with any target other than himself for elimination. It did not work, but perhaps he planted a seed in some of the players' heads. After a rocky start to the game, Abi has coasted to the final seven after seemingly learning to keep her paranoid outbursts under control. However, the old Abi has seemed to be coming out lately and that, combined with Joe's point that castaways' desires to bring her to the final three makes her a dangerous threat to go all the way, could come back to bite her. 

"Survivor: Second Chance" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.