Vince Sly became the second person voted out of "Survivor: Worlds Apart." CBS

Last week was the premiere of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” and, as expected, the first tribal council was chaotic as the unlucky tribe – Masaya (white-collar) – rushed to form last-minute alliances. In the end, it was So Kim who was the first person voted out of the game, but the Masaya tribe would have to keep their cool if they did not want to lose another tribe member in episode 2.

Here’s how it all went down in episode 2:

A Revealing Moment

The episode began with a rather strange moment. At the Escameca (blue-collar) camp, Dan lost his underwear while relieving himself in the water. He had to resort to crafting some makeshift undies from a shirt. However, Lindsey suspected it was just a gag to win back some favor after Dan rubbed the tribe the wrong way while building shelter in the premiere.

Later, Mike became frustrated that he was the only one working around camp, claiming he was the only true blue-collar person in the tribe. He had been collecting wood while the others played basketball with a coconut. The outburst did not make Mike any friends around camp.

Hatch 2.0

Over at Masaya, the white-collar tribe did not seem to be taking the loss of So Kim too hard. In fact, Max was so relaxed he began periodically take dips in the ocean…naked. Tyler dubbed him Hatch 2.0 – in reference to Richard Hatch from the first season, who was also prone to awkward skinny-dipping. Max said he was doing it to both pay tribute to one of the “Survivor” greats – Hatch – and also to get some alone time. In turned out, though, that Max was a trendsetter, as Shirin was soon washing dishes naked herself.

Tone Deaf

Meanwhile, at Nagarote (no-collar) there were some tensions flaring. First, Nina got upset that Hali and Jenn were excluding her around the camp, believing it was because of her hearing issues. Then, Vince resumed his beef with Joe, calling him out for steamrolling his ideas around camp. The tribe soon seemed to be split down the middle as a result of the conflicts with Vince, Nina and Will on one side and Joe, Hali and Jenn on the other.


Both tribes arrived at the immunity challenge with both immunity and reward -- fishing equipment -- at stake. The challenge required the tribes to swim to a series of platforms, maneuvering buoys through the water to then toss them in a basket. Nagarote and Escameca got out to an early lead over the white-collar Masaya tribe. However, Joaquin helped Masaya come back to take the lead by the basket throwing portion of the challenge. The white-collar tribe won the challenge to take reward and immunity, while blue-collar came in second to avoid tribal council. Nagarote, unable to get a single buoy into the basket, would have to vote someone out of the game.

Tribal Council

So, it looked like it would be team Joe vs. team Vince at tribal council for Nagarote and things were pretty stressful at the supposedly carefree no-collar camp. To complicate matters further, Will seemed to be in bad physical shape after a poor performance at the challenge. Vince was debating between voting for Will and keeping the tribe strong and voting for his rival, Joe. Meanwhile, Joe, Jenn, and Hali approached Will to vote out Vince.

However, Will had other plans. He went to Vince and the two hatched a plot to blindside Jenn. Will, though, was feeling uneasy after Nina told him that Vince did not have confidence in him at challenges.

At tribal council, everyone kept their intentions pretty close to their chests, but when the votes were cast, Vince Sly became the second person voted out of the game.

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