Fear has officially entered the game on “Survivor: Kaoh Rong.” The fifth member of the Season 32 jury was revealed in episode 11 of the CBS competition series Wednesday. Find out who was eliminated in tribal council below.

Tribal Revenge

“It’s a Me Game, Not a We Game” kicks off with Tai reminding his fellow castaways that he blindsided Scot in episode 10 because he’s playing a game. Meanwhile, Julia is upset not because Scot was sent home, but because her alliance changed their voting plans at the last minute and did not inform her and Michelle of the switch. Julia says it is clear she and Michelle have dropped a few rungs in the game. 

After betraying Scot, Tai goes to talk to Jason. Tai tells Jason it was the “hardest thing” to send Scot home with Jason’s immunity idol intact. Jason accepts his apology, but tells the cameras he wants revenge. “For a guy with a big old heart, he sure flip flops a lot,” Jason says.

Reward Challenge

Host Jeff Probst reveals that the castaways will be paired off in random couples to complete a series of obstacles while tied together. The first team of two to collect a series of rings and toss them onto a swinging hook wins the reward — a helicopter ride around the island and a picnic complete with wine. Jeff says that due to the numbers, one castaways will not participate. The player that sits out ends up being Jason.

Despite Tai and Joe being front-runners, Cydney and Michelle win the game. Jeff tells the team they need to pick one player to join them on the reward and they agree on inviting Aubry.

During their getaway, Michelle makes it clear she has ties with Julia but lets the women know she’s loyal to their alliance. Aubry says she trusts Michelle and Cydney agrees. Michelle is pleased with her social performance and says she feels reintegrated into the group.

Back at camp, Julia tells Jason, who thinks he will up for elimination, that they need to win immunity in order to stay afloat. The two agree they need to get rid of Tai, who has a secret advantage and an immunity idol. They agree to talk to Cydney and Michelle about joining them to vote off Tai. Cydney says she’s in a powerful position because either way she votes, where it is with her team or with Jason and Julia, it’s a win-win.

Immunity Challenge

The fight for immunity has the players swimming to a platform in the ocean and memorizing dozens of symbols and numbers they will need a complete a puzzle back on shore. Jason takes the lead out of the gate, but falls behind when he returns to shore and cannot open his box, which contains the puzzle pieces he needs to finish. He is forced to swim back to the platform to memorize more information to continue playing.

survivor spoilers The cast of “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” tries to memorize numbers and symbols as part of the immunity challenge in a scene from episode 11. Photo: CBS

Julia is the first player to get the appropriate key and open her box with Michelle following closely behind her. After a few minutes, Michelle recognizes the word she needs to spell out to win the game — “blindsided” — and wins. Jeff tells her she is safe from being sent home at tribal council.


Jason says that after losing the challenge he feels his future on the show is bleak, but can’t give up for the sake of his family. He says he will try to manipulate the players and “find a crack somewhere.”

While mulling over who to vote for, Aubry says that Jason would be the easiest pick, but that it may not be the right time to send him home. Aubry comes to the realization that Julia, who has proven herself in several challenges, is the biggest threat, especially due to her ability to keep friends in the game. Aubry’s alliance, which consists of Tai, Joe and Cydney, agree with her, but Michelle struggles with voting off her former Beauty tribe member.

In order to keep their voting plans a mystery, Cydney tells Michelle to tell Julia she’s voting for Tai. Cydney tells Jason she is also voting for Tai.

Tribal Council

Ahead of the vote, Jason makes it clear to the rest of the players that they can not trust Tai. Michelle reveals she’s voting with her intuition and Cydney says she’s OK with making a big move in the game.

After his name is said several times prior to the vote, Tai asked Aubry is she thinks he should play his immunity idol. Audrey tells him to go with his gut and Tai decides not to play it.

While Tai receives two votes, Julia sent home after receiving four. Michelle cries as her friend from the game leaves and Julia says she’s “bummed” about being eliminated, but is proud of how she played.

julia survivor “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” said goodbye to Julia during tribal council in episode 11. Photo: CBS

“Survivor: Kaoh Rong” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.