Jason is gone, but the trouble is far from over for the five castaways left on CBS’ “Survivor: Kaoh Rong.” A medical emergency in episode 13 sent one Season 32 contestant packing. Find out who went home in “With Me or Not With Me.”

Tribal Council Backlash

When the players return to camp after episode 12s tribal council, Tai is in shock that no one else voted for Michelle. Joe tells him they all felt strongly about not keeping Jason around. Tai says Aubry, who also voted for Jason, is the only one he truly trusts but she betrayed him. Michelle makes it known she’s upset with Tai for voting for her, saying his decision was a “slap in the face.” 

When Tai talks to Aubry he asks her why she didn’t let him know about the vote change. She apologizes, but tells the cameras she didn’t tell Tai because has too much power in the game and she needs to reclaim it. Aubry says she’s unsure if she can work with Tai anymore.

Reward Challenge

Host Jeff Probst reveals the reward competition will be a race into the jungle. The players must get sand bags and bring them back to the beach one at a time. From there, they must toss the sand bags into their respective color-coded targets. The person to get one bag in each of their targets first wins a “Survivor” spa experience — a bath, massage, big meal and one night in a real bed. 

Survivor 2 Joe won his first reward challenge in episode 13 of “Survivor: Kaoh Rong.” Photo: CBS

Cydney gets a lead on the game with Joe in last place. Aubry starts to catch up and gets three bags into her targets, but quickly runs out of bags. The rest of the players are soon in the same position as Aubry with Joe being the only one left with materials. The other contestants are stuck waiting for him to play. While they wait to get their bags replenished, Joe uses his last two sand bags and gets one in each of his targets, winning the reward. 

Jeff tells Joe he has to pick one person to join him on the reward. He picks his Brain partner Aubry. When Jeff asks him to pick one more person and Aubry immediately tells him to go with Cydney. Aubry says she asked for Cydney because things are up in the air with Tai and she needs to revaluate her options.

New Alliance

Michelle and Tai head back to camp. Michelle says she needs to change the pecking order because Cydney, Joe and Aubry are looking like the final three. Tai and Michelle agree to have an honest talk while the others are gone and he says he doesn’t feel they have chemistry. Michelle agrees they’re very different people. When the two start to warm up to each other, Tai promises to give Michelle as massage, feed her fruit and have their own poor man’s spa day.

Survivor 3 Tai and Michelle tried to get to know each other better in “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” episode 13. Photo: CBS

Later on, Tai brings up the idea of playing the game alongside Michelle. Michelle says it is clear they’re both on the outs now. While anxious about idea of teaming with him again after he betrayed her, Michelle says it will shock everyone is they form a plan together. Tai says they have nothing to lose and reveals to her that he has an idol. 

The Final Three?

At the reward, Joe, Cydney and Aubry sit down for a large meal. Joe, who says he never eats meat, feasts and Cydney comments he will likely have a stomachache later. During the outing, Joe says he wants him, Aubry and Cydney in the final three, but Aubry has a change of heart. She tells the cameras she recognizes Cydney as a threat and thinks reconnecting with Tai might be a better option.

When the three return from their reward, Tai is struggling with the emotional part of the game. Aubry worries it may be too late to team up with Tai because he may still feel slighted, and the two decide to walk and talk. Aubry says there’s no doubt in her mind that if he sticks with her, they will make it to the final three with Joe. Tai breaks down after Aubry opens up to him and says he feels relieved and comfortable again.

Survivor 4 Tai had an emotional moment with Aubry on Wednesday’s installment “Survivor: Kaoh Rong.” Photo: CBS

Meanwhile, Cydney notices Tai and Aubry come back from their talk and calls their time together “suspect.” She goes off to strategize with Michelle. While out of earshot of everyone else, Michelle teases the idea of taking out Joe or Aubry to shake up the whole game.

Medical Emergency

Joe starts having stomach problems after his reward meal. He reveals he’s feeling discomfort, is constipated and can’t urinate. When a medic come to check on him, the doctor concludes his ailments are likely due to the food he ate during the reward. He’s given medication, but told if his condition worsens, it could have a large affect on his kidneys. After the castaways tear up over Joe’s condition — Michelle says it is clear he’s in more pain than he’s letting on — the doctor returns, this time with Jeff. When the doctor says to prevent long term kidney damage he has to be pulled from the game, Joe says he’s not surprised. 

“It’s extremely disappointing, but it’s a physical thing that’s happening here,” he said. “I got pretty far. I would have like to have gotten further.” When Joe says he’s always looking on to the next thing Jeff calls him a “massive inspiration.” 

It's down to the final four! Tune in Wednesday, May 18, at 8 p.m. EDT to see the next episode of Survivor: Kaoh Rong” on CBS.