survivor tai
Tai tried to control the votes in episode 12 of “Survivor: Kaoh Rong.” CBS

There was one outcast in the group on Wednesday’s “Survivor: Kaoh Rong.” The Season 32 castaways had to decide to send home the outsider or one of their own in episode 12 of the CBS series. Find out who won immunity and who was sent packing.

Return To Camp

“Now’s the Time to Start Scheming” starts with the castaways returning to camp after sending home Julia. Jason says now is the time to switch things up in the game. He tries to get Michelle and Cydney to align with him, but they don’t give him any promises. He gets frustrated when no one will strategize with him and vents to Joe, who calls him vulgar.

Meanwhile, Tai lets Joe and Aubry in on the details of his secret advantage, which allows him to place a second vote at tribal council. With an immunity idol and an advantage at his disposal, Aubry recognizes how much power Tai has and says she needs to stay on his side. Tai considers sending Jason or Michelle home next.

Reward Challenge

Host Jeff Probst announces the remaining players will be divided into two teams. From there, they must race through a series of obstacles to reach a floating maze. When all three players make it to the maze, they must get three balls into a socket. The first team to get all the balls through the maze will get an afternoon at a wildlife preserve and a picnic. Joe, Aubry and Cydney are put together on the yellow team with Tai, Jason and Michelle on the blue team.

Tai immediately takes the lead and the blue team gets a ball in first. After the yellow team gets their first ball in, the blue teams finishes up by getting their third ball through the maze and takes the big win. Tai shows his excitement about getting the reward, but says he worries his alliance will fall apart back at camp when he leaves for the day.

At the reservation, Tai says he’s warming up to Jason after seeing him interact with the animals and talking about his daughter. Michelle says she can’t forget Jason’s betrayal early in the game and wants him out.

Immunity Challenge

Episode 12’s immunity challenge was all about patience and balance. Jeff reveals each castaway will hold onto a rope that balances a wobbly table. The contestants must then take one wooden block at a time to the table and spell out the word “immunity.” The castaway to stack the blocks without them falling first, wins immunity.

Joe takes the lead right out of the gate with Cydney in last place but when his blocks fall, he’s forced to start over. At one point, Michelle and Tai each are in the lead but their blocks also drop. At the end it’s Jason and Cydney neck in neck. Despite competing slower than every else, Cydney manages to take the win after Jason’s blocks fall at the last second.

survivor cydney
Cydney won immunity in episode 12 of “Survivor: Kaoh Rong.” CBS


Back at camp, Tai makes it clear to everyone that he wants Michelle gone. When Michelle joins the discussion, oblivious to Tai’s comments, she says it is obvious Jason is the next to go. While Joe disagrees with Tai’s move, Aubry is on his side.

On their own, Cydney and Joe talk about the vote. They both say they want Jason gone. Cydney lets Michelle know Tai is gunning for her and she says she’s going to try to do some damage control.

When Cydney approaches Aubry, asking who she will be voting for, Aubry says she’s in a tough position and is mentally exhausted.

Tribal Council

Cydney and Michelle both make it clear they’re not fans of Tai’s. Cydney says it has been Tai’s way of the highway lately, while Michelle makes it a point to note that Tai has turned his back on every alliance he’s had. Jason tells Jeff says he’s just excited his name isn’t being tossed around.

After voting, Tai drops a bombshell on the players by choosing to use his advantage ahead of the tally. He tells his fellow castaways and jury about the details of the twist and they’re surprised. Tai casts his second vote for Michelle but despite his efforts, they did not result in her being voted off.

survivor jason
Jason was voted off by his fellow castaways on Wednesday’s “Survivor: Kaoh Rong.” CBS

The vote results show that Michelle only had two votes while Joe had one and Jason had four, sending him packing. In his exit interview Jason says he’s still a fan of “Survivor” and is proud of the way he played the game.

Were you surprised Jason was voted off? Who do you think will be next? Sound off in the comments section below! “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.