It’s down to just five castaways on “Survivor: Kaoh Rong,” which means just about everyone’s chances of being on the chopping block are great. Next week’s Season 32 installment of the CBS series will see another player eliminated from the game and the promo video for episode 13 offers a few clues.

Tai — In episode 12, viewers saw Tai get betrayed by his fellow castaways as they went against his plan to vote for Michelle, instead voting off Jason. After using his advantage to vote for Michelle twice Tai has made it clear he wants her gone but surprisingly, she won’t exactly be gunning for him in return. The preview reveals the two will form an unlikely alliance (Tai even gives Michelle a back rub!). But just because he has found a new friend in the game doesn’t mean Tai is safe. However, if he does find himself in danger he can always play his idol.

Michelle — With the promo video revealing Tai no longer wants her gone, Michelle may be a little safer in episode 13. But then again, this is “Survivor.” Tai made it clear Michelle is a strong player on Wednesday’s installment and Aubry agreed with his findings. Will his comments put her in the hot seat?

Cydney —She proved herself in episode 12’s challenge and also started some drama at camp with Joe but CBS has already revealed she’s a shoe-in for the finale. The network’s synopsis for the May 18, two-hour conclusion reveals one player from the Beauty, Brawn and Brains tribes will be in the last episode. Since Cydney is the only Brawn member left, that means she’s sticking around. 

Aubry — She pulled the wool of Tai’s eyes after telling him she would vote his way and then changing her mind during tribal council in episode 12. In the promo Tai makes it clear he knows she betrayed him and Aubry realizes she’s in trouble. “If he feels he’s been betrayed he might just completely go another way,” she says. 

Joe — The oldest castaway has not shown himself to be a competitive threat, which means his fellow castaways may want to keep him around until the end to better their own chances of winning. However, being that the end of the game is near, he could find himself going home, despite having longtime ally Aubry by his side. 

Who do you think will voted off in episode 13 of “Survivor: Kaoh Rong”? Share your predictions in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune in Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.