Dan Foley (pictured) became the thirteenth person voted out of "Survivor: Worlds Apart" in episode 12. CBS

In episode 11 of “Survivor: Worlds Apart,” Mike used his hidden immunity idol to force the majority alliance to vote out one of their own. The tribe chose to send Tyler home, but now Mike was vulnerable if he could not win the individual immunity challenge this week.

Here’s how it all went down in episode 12 of “Survivor” Season 30:


Following tribal council, Dan was looking forward to life without Mike’s hidden immunity idol. He could not wait to vote out his former ally. However, Carolyn had other plans brewing. She was worried about Dan’s advantage and was fostering a relationship with Mike in case she decided to pull him in to blindside Dan instead.


In the reward challenge, the tribe was divided into teams to take on a complicated obstacle course with a helicopter tour of the island -- and some food, of course -- at stake. It was the blue team of Dan, Sierra and Rodney vs. the red team of Carolyn, Will and Mike. Rodney was yet again complaining about not having been on a reward trip all season. Mike’s response: “just win.”

That became difficult when a hidden phrase puzzle at the end of the course dragged the challenge out to over an hour of elapsed time. However, in the end Carolyn was able to take advantage of Jeff’s clues to win the reward for the red team. Carolyn agonized over whether she should give up her spot on the reward trip for Rodney, but ultimately decided to keep it for herself. But the show she put on while making her decision surely made it sting that much more for Rodney, and as Jeff pointed out, these decisions could have consequences later when the game comes down to the jury’s vote.

A Tribe Divided

While enjoying their surf and turf reward, Mike, Carolyn and Will got to talking about the next vote. Mike pitched the trio forming their own alliance to go to the final three, but Will was hesitant. Carolyn, on the other hand, continued to be all things to all people, wholeheartedly endorsing Mike’s plan.

While Mike and Carolyn talked strategy on the reward trip, back at camp Rodney, Dan and Sierra plotted to vote the pair out in the next two tribal councils. Rodney was still reeling from what he perceived as a betrayal by Carolyn over the reward and hoped to eliminate her after Mike. Luckily, Dan found two melons on the beach to at least keep Rodney sane.


For the individual immunity challenge, the castaways had to use grappling hooks to retrieve three balls. They then had to use one of the balls to solve a table maze. Much to the chagrin of the majority alliance, Mike jumped out to an early lead in the challenge, getting to the table maze before any other contestant. Dan and Sierra, though, was right on his heels. In a nail biter of a challenge, Mike narrowly beat Sierra to win his third individual immunity challenge and throw yet another wrench in the majority alliance’s plan.

Tribal Council

With Mike’s immunity, the rest of the tribe had to turn on each other. Dan, Rodney, Will and Sierra made a pact to vote for Carolyn, but Carolyn was convinced everybody was still voting for Dan. Mike, on the other hand, was playing both sides, approaching Dan and Carolyn to see if they would be willing to shake things up. However, both were too confident in their alliance to jump sides.

At tribal council, Rodney caused a few laughs when he struggled to put together sentences in response to Jeff’s questions. On a serious note though, Carolyn seemed to be worried that she was on the chopping block, while the tribe was awfully curious about Dan’s advantage. It seemed the group was still a bit undecided about which was the bigger threat.

The uneasiness got the best of Dan, who decided to play his advantage, giving him a second vote in the tribal council. Subsequently, Carolyn got spooked and played her hidden immunity idol. When the votes were tallied, despite having played his advantage and perhaps even because of it, Dan became the 13th person voted out of “Survivor” Season 30.

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