Suzanne Hart, a 41-year-old advertising executive at Young & Rubicam, on Wednesday became the latest person to die in an elevator accident, this time on Madison Avenue in New York City.

Hart died after she got stuck between the elevators. Two others who entered the elevator before Hart watch in horror as she was killed in the 26-story midtown Manhattan office near Grand Central.

Reports are that the two people in the elevator were rescued when the machine got stuck between the first and second floors. They are now being evaluated for psychological trauma, the Houston Chronicle is reporting.

Here is a list of other similar elevator accidents -- some fatal, others scary -- that have happened throughout history.

Annette Lujan, 48, crushed by elevator in Los Angeles

Prior to Harts' tragic death, a university worker named Annette Lujan was crushed to death when climbing out a lift at Cal State Long Beach last week, where she has worked for nine years. Reports are that elevator was stuck between the second and third floor. Lujan then attempted to leave the lift, but it then began moving and proceeded to crush her on Dec. 7

The Los Angeles Times has reported that Lujan's neighbors and friends remember her for her kindness.

At least 200 Dead in World Trade Center Elevators in 2001

It has been estimated that in 2001, at least 200 people died in the World Trade Center elevators, making it the biggest elevator tragedy in history, according to USA Today. That report noted that the centers had 198 of the biggest and fastest elevators ever built and that people plunged to their deaths when the cables were damaged after hijacked jets crashed into the building.

Man Loses Head in a 2003 elevator accident in Texas

Houston doctor, Hitoshi Nikaidoh, died in 2003 a after he got stuck in an elevator's doors before the lift began moving and later severed his head. The Houston Press reported that elevator no. 14, located on the second floor of Christus St. Joseph Hospital's George W. Strake Building, was closed for four days before the sign out-of-order sign went missing.

Elderly Nun Trapped for Four Nights in Broken Elevator reported that Sister Margaret Geary, 85, of Notre Dame de Namur in Baltimore, was stuck inside a broken elevator for four nights and three days. Geary was alone at the convent while her other sisters were out of town for a convention. She had celery sticks and a jar of water with her on the elevator.

26 Cheerleaders Were Rescue After Cramming in an elevator

The Associated Press reported via the Houston Chronicle that in 26 teenage cheerleaders had to be rescued after they all crammed into an elevator at the University of Texas to see how many would fit.

The report noted that the elevator managed to make it to the first floor but the doors wouldn't open. Rescue workers were called in and it took a repairman some 25 minutes to open the door.

NY Production Manager Trapped for 41 hours in an elevator

In 1999, Nicholas White, a production manager at Business Week, was working late on a special supplement when he decided to take a cigarette break outside. On his way back to his office on the 39th floor, White got stuck in an elevator with no food and water for 41 hours. His entire ordeal was captured on the building's surveillance camera.

You can watch the video here.

Elevator plunges 75 Story in 1945 with elevator operator inside

A B-25 bomber pilot executed a wrong turn in a fog and crashed into the 79th floor of Empire State Building in 1945. The crash destroyed the hoist and safety cables of two elevators, causing them to plunge to the bottom of the shaft. One of the elevators fell from the 75th floor with a female elevator operator inside, The New Yorker reported.

28 People Got Stuck in a Subway Elevator

Twenty-eight people got stuck in an elevator at 181st street in New York for an hour back April, The Wall Street Journal reported. The paper reported that maintenance workers tried for 20 minutes to bring the elevator back to landing but had to remove each person from the elevator individually.