An unconventional dress which an eighteen-year-old girl is seen to be wearing in a portrait and the rejection of the photo from Durango High School's yearbook have drawn a nation-wide debate.

The images submitted by Sydney Spice are too racy and are not apt to get a place in the yearbook, according to the high school authorities.

The school authorities have rejected it saying that the attire in the photo violated the school's dress code; the image is not only unsuitable but it could diminish the quality of the award-wining yearbook.

The teenager isn't happy with the decision. I feel like they aren't allowing me to have my freedom of expression, she said in an interview with Durango Herald.

Sydney and her mother Miki held a protest outside the school Wednesday, saying that the school could not reject her photo from the yearbook in any condition.

The family is consulting the lawyer and might file a lawsuit against the school as it violates her freedom of expression which is permissible, according to the Colorado state law. 

The yearbook adviser is saying she can't use the picture; so the students are left with no voice in it. The law clearly states that it is the student's right to decide, her mom Miki told the Herald.

The attorney advocate for the Student Press Law Center, Adam Goldstein, has said that in this case the allegations against the school's administration might be valid, Daily Mail reported.


Photo Credit: Facebook/ Sydney Spice profile. Images submitted by Durango High School senior Sydney Spice for the yearbook.

The girl submitted two images, one that shows her in a black shawl wrapped as a top, with inches of skin visible between her top and the short yellow sheer skirt. In the second image, Sydney is wearing a fluttery black skirt with a small red tube-top.

Meanwhile, the issue has got a mixed response. Sydney says that the photo captures her true personality, and is just a little different from everyone else's picture.

Yearbook photo scandals are very common every year. There were even worst cases in the past. However, Sydney and her images have got immense media attention.

The Durango School District has offered her to run the photo as an ad, not as a portrait.

The editors of Durango High School's yearbook informed a senior student in December that her photo in question would not be included as a senior portrait in the yearbook and asked her to submit a replacement. Durango School District 9-R's administration supports this decision, the district issued the statement following the controversy.

The yearbook permits seniors to submit their own portraits but the policy require them to wear tops that fully cover the chest, back, abdomen and sides of the student.

Looking at the policy, the teenager's costume is too revealing and doesn't fit in the yearbook.

Well, the issue has crossed its borders, and it has again opened the debate about the limit of exercising ones right to freedom and drawing the line so that it doesn't infringe the policies and rules.

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