Tameka Foster spoke publicly for the first time since her bitter custody battle with singer Usher. Foster spoke with "Entertainment Tonight," after Usher recently did an exclusive interview with Oprah. 

During Usher’s interview, the megastar admitted to forming a relationship with one of Foster’s bridesmaids.

“Well, the conversation about the bridesmaid has always been one that’s been complicated, very difficult. Outside of my marriage with her and our separation and our divorce, I did have exchanges with [the bridesmaid]. We were friends. She was someone who was a part of the children’s lives before and it had always been perceived that we were in a relationship or we either had some sort of exchange. This was after the marriage,” Usher told Oprah.

In response, Tameka Foster told ET:

“He admitted to sleeping with one of the two. It was a very disappointing revelation. I had suspected for some time. You have to understand, this is like family to us. This is someone who was there when my children were born. She took me to the hospital when I was in labor with one of them. I hate to say it but I somewhat empathize with her because I feel that she was vulnerable and she fell into somewhat of a trap … I think that she got very close to him as a result of being my friend and I feel as though he used it to his advantage. I mean, clearly.”

Tameka Foster, a celebrity stylist, was 38-years old when she and Usher, who was 28-years old, married, causing Usher fans around the world to label her a gold-digger and cradle robber. 

At the time, she was five months pregnant with their first child, Usher V.

"Everybody told you not to get married ... everybody right?" Oprah asked the mega-star.

"It was a pretty wide spread ... there were a ton of people of believed in the marriage, there were a ton of people who didn't," Usher replied.

The couple split in 2009, and just recently ended a heated custody battle, in which Usher was awarded full custody of his young sons, Usher Raymond V, 4, and Naviyd, 3. 

Usher called the custody battle "an attack," saying to Oprah, "I really felt like we [he and Tameka] were friends. She made us enemies in a way that I could never understand."