Tami Roman has a few more bones to pick with DJ Duffey. Things turned physical between the two ladies on last Monday’s Season 5, episode 9 of “Basketball Wives: LA,” and on episode 10 things continued to escalate.

The show kicks off with Tami and Duffey arguing over Duffey getting fired. In last week’s episode, Tami thanked Duffey for her services (aka fired her) as the director of her daughter Jazz’s music video. Duffey didn’t take too well to being axed and started bickering with Tami. At some point during the altercation, Tami shoves Duffey and someone has to step in between them to try and calm things down. Duffey tells the camera during her confessional that she thinks it was messy and petty for Tami to fire her the way she did. Clearly, things are not settled between Tami and Duffey.

Later in the episode, Duffey grabs a bite to eat with Brandi Maxiell and Jackie Christie and tells them everything that happened between her and Tami. Jackie offers to talk to Tami telling Duffey that she thinks there’s a chance the DJ and Tami could work things out. Brandi, on the other hand, tells her “sister” that she thinks Tami reacted the way she did because she was probably worried about her daughter’s music video doing well. Duffey gets annoyed when she thinks Brandi is trying to take Tami’s side.

Even though Tami fired Duffey as the director of the music video, it goes extremely well for Jazz. Tami even invites Angel Love by the video shoot to give her daughter some tips on how to flirt with the camera. Shaunie O’Neal also pays a visit and is filled in on all the drama between Tami and Duffey.

Tami definitely spends quite a bit of the episode fighting and arguing, but viewers are treated to a softer side of her when she gets emotional over Jazz’s video. Speaking to the camera, Tami explains that the only three people she wakes up in the morning for is her mother, who died, and her two daughters. Tami then starts to cry, saying that things haven’t always been easy for her and her children, and she’s really proud of her daughter for shooting her music video.

Drama is not the only thing to go down on “Basketball Wives: LA.” Jackie runs into Angel Love and Angel Brinks for the first time since their altercation at Brinks’ anniversary party. Jackie explains to Brinks that she was upset over how the dress she made fit her, and was also upset that her cognac was on the floor instead out on tables like it should have been. Brinks said she wasn’t aware that Jackie’s liquor was on the floor, and Jackie apologizes for her behavior at the party. During her confessional, Brinks says she appreciates Jackie’s apology but is hesitant to invite Jackie to another event.