If you’ve seen the extended trailer for Season 5 of VH1’s “Basketball Wives: LA” then you already know that one of the biggest feuds will be between Tami Roman and new cast member DJ Duffey. Up until Sunday’s episode 7 the pair seemed to be getting along OK, but their friendship is now starting to fizzle out.

Episode 7 doesn’t kick off with any drama. Brandi Maxiell and her estranged husband Jason Maxiell meet up with Jackie Christie and her husband Doug Christie for dinner. Jackie and Doug, who have been married for a very long time, try to offer Jason and Brandi some advice on how to fix their marriage issues. Brandi and Jason split last season after he confessed to being unfaithful. Jackie, who often clashes with her cast members, feels her and Brandi’s heart-to-heart over Brandi’s marital issues is bringing them closer together as friends. Brandi feels the same way and says during her confessional that she’s happy she got to see the nicer and more motherly side of Jackie.  

Meanwhile, Angel Brinks is busy planning a huge celebration for the five-year anniversary of her clothing line. She invites Angel Love and Jackie to the venue to help her come up with ideas but Jackie’s wild and off-the-wall themes are not in line with the type of party Angel Brinks is trying to throw. Jackie wants to have monkeys, tigers, topless women and half naked men at the bash but Angel Brinks doesn’t want to go that route. Jackie also suggests that she brings her line of cognac to the party for guests to sip on and Angel Brinks agrees to it.

Later in the episode, Jackie and Angel Brinks have a little run-in during a dress fitting for the party. Angel Brinks wants everyone helping her to wear one of her gowns but Jackie doesn’t think she can to fit in any of Angel Brinks’ dresses because she’s out of shape. Instead, Jackie wants to wear another designer but Angel Brinks tells her no and she’ll come up with something for Jackie to wear. When Angel Brinks overhears Jackie telling people that Angel Brinks is being demanding, she gets mad and the two start yelling at each other.

Also during the show, Tami meets up with Angel Love at a fabric store because Angel Love is interested in creating her own line of nurse scrubs. Angel Love has been a registered nurse for a few years and thinks the attire needs to be jazzed up a bit. Angel Love shows Tami a cape top she wants to make for nurses to wear but Tami isn’t impressed with it. Instead, she suggests Angel Love make scrubs out of lace, leopard print or fur. Angel Love shoots down the idea reminding Tami that the scrubs still have to be professional and appropriate for the type of work nurses do.

Towards the end of the episode, Tami shows up to the auditions Duffey arranged to find dancers for Jazz Anderson’s music video. Duffey is trying to help Tami’s daughter get her music career off the ground and agreed to direct her video. Duffey knows how important the video is to Tami and Jazz and says during her confessional that she’s afraid that if she messes up it will ruin her friendship with Tami. Tami is critical about the auditions from the time she walks through the door. She doesn’t think the flyers were done properly, and thinks that the entire thing is unprofessional. After watching the dancers audition, Tami bluntly tells Duffey that she wasn’t impressed and didn’t like that Duffey had all the dancers in the same room watching each other audition. Duffey tries to explain that she did the audition the right way, and tells Tami that it doesn’t concern her since she’s not the director. Of course, the two start bickering and Duffey feels Tami is being disrespectful.