Tami Roman and DJ Duffey’s relationship is continuing to unravel on VH1’s “Basketball Wives: LA.” On Monday’s Season 5, episode 9 the two ladies almost got into a fight after Tami fired her as director of her daughter Jazz’s music video.

The episode picks up with Jackie Christie throwing a fit at Angel Brinks’ party. Jackie is furious the dress Brinks made for her doesn’t fit right and thinks Brinks’ friend Angel Love is stirring up drama. Jackie is fuming and starts screaming that she needs someone to help her get out of her dress because she can’t breathe and it’s too tight. Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell try to calm Jackie down but Jackie takes off running across the venue making a beeline upstairs to change her clothes.

Meanwhile, Love hurries and leaves the party but stops outside to tell Tami what happened between her and Jackie. While they’re talking, Jackie comes out the venue wanting to talk to Love. Love doesn’t want Jackie anywhere near her and hops into her car and takes off.

As Jackie is leaving the party, she runs into Brinks and starts ranting about her beef with Love. Jackie is convinced Love is trying to use her, and makes a fist like she’s going to punch her in the face but walks away instead.

The next day, Love and Brinks meet up to talk about what happened at the party with Jackie. Love tells her friend that Jackie is mad her dress didn’t fit right. Love doesn’t really understand why Jackie tried to fight her at the bash, and Brinks apologizes, telling Love that she thinks Jackie is only mad at her because of their feud.

Jackie and Love aren’t the only ones feuding on the show. In a previous episode, Duffey decided to work with Jazz, Tami’s daughter, to help her get her music career off the ground. Duffey wanted to direct Jazz’s music video and also held an audition to find dancers for the video. Tami and Duffey got into an argument at the audition because Tami didn’t think it was professional.

On Monday’s episode, Tami is still hesitant to have Duffey work with Jazz and during one of Jazz’s rehearsals asks the creative team whether Duffey should be fired. Tami’s reasoning is because Duffey hasn’t started setting things up for the video. The team agrees Duffey needs to be let go, and when Tami tells Duffey she’s no longer needed the DJ gets mad and starts yelling at Tami, telling her that Tami doesn’t have the right to fire her. Tami wants Duffey to leave and pushes her, and they start screaming at each other. Security steps in to keep them from fighting.