Tanya Dixon-Neely, the North Carolina high school Teacher who became an infamous YouTube sensation after she yelled at student Hunter Rogers over his critical questioning of President Barack Obama, has been suspended with pay over her shocking classroom antics.

Things between Dixon-Neely and North Rowan High School student Hunter got testy as the social studies class discussed Mitt Romney's high school days, when Romney bullied a gay classmate and cut the classmate's hair.

Hunter was questioning whether Obama was a bully just as Romney was when Dixon-Neely became enraged. The incident was videotaped and posted on YouTube, where it has nearly 780,000 views.

All I had was a question. You freaked out ... All I asked is 'Did Obama bully a girl in high school?' and you got defensive, Hunter is heard telling the North Carolina high school teacher in the video, which can be viewed below.

The social studies teacher said a sitting president is entitled to more respect than a presidential candidate, and then wrongly warned Hunter that making derogatory statements about a president amounts to slander.

There's no comparison. [Romney's] running for president, Dixon-Neely shouts. As a teacher, I'm not supposed to allow you to disrespect the president of the United States ... As a social studies teacher, I cannot allow you to slander any president in here, past or current.

Despite that statement, Dixon-Neely's liberal bias came through in a big way when the discussion turned to former President George W. Bush.

Everybody talked s--- about Bush, Hunter said.

Because he was s-----, Dixon-Neely responded.

Tanya Dixon-Neely said people were arrested for saying bad things about Bush.

You're not supposed to slander, she said.

Hunter responded with disbelief, pointing out that You would have to say some pretty f'ed up crap to get arrested.

The hubbub over Dixon-Neely caught the eye of conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh, who spoke about the controversy on his show.

Now, I ask you, is the teacher a liberal? Is the teacher nonpartisan? Is the teacher apolitical? No way, Limbaugh said, according to the Winston-Salem Journal. This teacher is a full-fledged leftist. There's no question about it. And sounds very much like a jerk to boot.

Watch the testy exchange between Tanya Dixon-Neely, Hunter and his classmates below.