Tara Reid is not holding back.

In the latest “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” trailer, the Season 5 contestant can be seen causing chaos in the control room during episode 8 of the hit WE tv series.

“What are you talking about?” Adam Freeman, executive producer of the long-running show, asks the disgruntled contestant after she begins to complain about how the “real story” is not being told. “I don’t know 90 percent about what you’re talking about,” Adam responds, clueless as to what Tara is referring to.

While the actress continues her rant, which involves her boyfriend Dean May manipulating the other contestants, the show’s directors, husband and wife duo Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, watch from behind-the-scenes with intrigue.

“I don’t know what she’s saying but at least she’s not censoring herself anymore,” Jim says, adding that he’s reluctant to step in in fear that Tara might clam up if they interfere. “She’s going to get self conscious and shut down again.”

Instead, they let Tara spill her guts to Adam, which results in the “Sharknado” star purging her frustrations about Dean. “He’s Dean May. He’s cool. He’s going to be famous now,” she sings sarcastically. “F--- that! Everyone in this house thinks he’s cool and all of a sudden I’m this bad person. You want to know about Dean? It’s all bulls---!”

As Tara’s outburst continues, audiences can see Dean confiding to his “Marriage Boot Camp” co-star Toya Memphitz about his feelings towards Tara. “I would never leave her,” he admits. “Even if she pushed me away and said the meanest thing to me ever.”

Well, Dean. Let’s just hope you didn’t hear Tara’s imitation of you in the control room!

Fans can watch the drama go down when “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. EDT on WE tv.