“Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” Season 5 Spoilers
Tara Reid and Dean May open up about their sex lives in Season 5, episode 6 of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.” WE TV

Looks like Tara Reid and Dean May need to work on more than just their emotional partnership in Season 5 of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.”

In a sneak-peek clip for episode 6 of the hit WE tv series, the couple opens up about their sex life — or “serious lack” there of, according to the “Sharknado” star. In the forthcoming episode, the two will be encouraged to speak honestly about their bedroom problems — in separate locations — with individual therapists. The heavy discussion is held as the contestants participate in a fun, hands on science experiment.

In the trailer viewers can see the show’s psychologists explaining to each participant of “Marriage Boot Camp” how to showcase their sex lives through chemicals. At the end of the experiment, the couples will be able to see how one another describe their physical relationships. And from Tara and Dean’s nearly identical beakers, it seems as though the two are on the same page about how their sex life could use some improvement.

“Definitely we could do it more,” Tara says as she pours a gold liquid into a glass jar. In another room, Dean shares a similar statement, revealing that Tara’s “not into” having physical relations with him.

As the two continue to partake in the project, other contestants from the show reveal that they’ve noticed a lack of physicality between Dean and Tara in the house.

“I’m thinking, ‘Do ya’ll have sex?’ Because, I’ve never seen them kiss or hold each other or … anything!” Brittish Williams says in a confessional. Lorenzo Gordon then jumps in, adding that he once saw the two give each other a peck on the lips. “I just don’t think their sex life is poppin,” Brittish concludes.

And it appears that Tara and Dean agree. They individually explain in the Season 5 teaser that time plays a large factor in their dwindling sex lives. “This is our big issue,” Tara reveals to her therapist. The end of the sneak peek for episode 6, titled “Puppet Master,” shows just how similar Tara and Dean’s beakers are.

To watch the impending drama, tune in to “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” Season 5, episode 6 on WE tv Friday, July 15, at 9 p.m. EDT.