With the 2013 tax day creeping closer, millions of Americans are busy reviewing their earnings and expenses to meet the April 15 deadline. While the tax process itself may be puzzling to some, many are also asking where their tax dollars go.

Through its Tax Day 2013 project, the nonpartisan research group National Priorities Project shows how the tax dollar was spent last year. It found that the military and health care sucked up the most of the federal dollars, while education, the environment and science received the least.

Here’s a breakdown of how every dollar was spent:

- 26.5 cents of your federal income tax dollar went to the military

- 20 cents went toward health care

- 13.6 cents were used to pay interest on the debt

- 12.2 cents funded unemployment and labor

- 5.4 cents headed to the government

- 4.4 cents were spent on food and agriculture

- 4.3 cents went to veterans benefits

- 4.2 cents were given to housing and community

- 3.5 cents were contributed to education

- 2.1 cents went to energy and environment

- 1.4 cents contributed to internal affairs

- 1.4 cents also went to transportation

- 1 cent was given to science