Lady Gaga seems to be pulling out all the stops to win over her boyfriend Taylor Kinney's family. According to The Sun, the "Bad Romance" singer invited Kinney, along with his family members, to join her in Italy next month when she performs in Milan.

Gaga and Kinney, who have been dating for nearly a year, met last year on the set of Gaga's music video "You and I," which was released in August of 2011. Kinney, 31, is a model and actor, and currently plays Lieutenant Kelly Severide on the NBC drama "Chicago Fire." Kinney previously starred on "The Vampire Diaries" and "Trauma." The couple was thought to have broken up in May, after dating for 10 months, but they were soon spotted together again in June.

The 26-year-old pop star, who is scheduled to perform at Mediolanum Forum in Milan on Oct. 2, also plans to visit Venice with the Kinneys, and some insiders suspect she has a hidden agenda.

"Lady Gaga has been talking non-stop of her passion for Venice and how romantic it is," said a source for The Sun. "She is hoping to visit lots of churches with Taylor. When she does get married it will be in Italy. Some of her close friends and family are also hoping to fly over, so this could well be it."

But Gaga's own grandmother, Angeline Germanotta, has refuted the claims, saying that there will not be a destination wedding. "There's no wedding plans," said Germanotta, in an exclusive interview with Celebuzz. "I'm sure I'd be one of the first ones to hear."

Germanotta did add that she approves of her granddaughter's taste in men, though. "Two thumbs up," said Germanotta, of Gaga's relationship with Kinney. "They make a nice looking couple. I've spoken to him over the phone a few times and he sounds like a good guy."

When asked why Gaga has been seen recently, sporting a white wedding dress, Germanotta replied, "Knowing Stefani the way I know her, she was fooling around."

Germanotta added, "She's changed for the public, but she has not changed to her family."