Taylor Swift is the latest victim of wardrobe malfunction after her skirt blew up while singing onstage, exposing flesh-toned undies.

During a St. Louis performance on Saturday, Swift had a Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch-like moment when a wind machine blew up her skirt, exposing what fans thought was her bare rear.

Swift, however, was not having a sans underwear night but rather was wearing nude briefs under a blue-violet dress.

The 21-year-old singer responded promptly, smoothing down her skirt while she continued to sing "You Belong With Me" to a crowd in St. Louis.

The Grammy-award-winning country music star, known to be more modest than her counterparts like Miley Cyrus, has not commented on the wardrobe malfunction yet, but noted on her Twitter account how excited she was to perform on Aug. 13.

"About to go onstage in St Louis!! I love this city. And I love that it's the 13th," Swift tweeted.

Check out the video below around 1:07.