Téa Leoni, born Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni, has always been a family woman. Born and raised in New York, the blonde beauty spent her early years studying in private schools, and after dropping out of Sarah Lawrence College, spent some time touring Europe and Asia, and modeling.

Leoni’s first moderately successful break into acting came with her sitcom, The Naked Truth, in which she played Nora Wilde, a tabloid photographer and recent divorcee.

Starring in films like A League of Their Own, Fun with Dick and Jane, Spanglish, The Family Man, and most recently, Ghost Town, she has been noted for her comedic presence and remarkable acting skills.

But now the talented actress finds herself the center of attention for a very different – and much more personal – reason.

Reports of a sudden split with husband of 14 years, David Duchovny, have taken the internet by storm.

After temporarily separating in 2008, when Duchovny voluntarily sought rehabilitation for his sex addiction, the couple got back together and the relationship took a turn for the better. Along with their two children, 12 year old Madelaine West Duchovny and 9 year old Kyd Miller Duchovny, the family had been spotted numerous times in recent years, seemingly all smiles.

Although plans to file for divorce have not been announced by either actor, the split still comes as a shock to many who thought the couple was on the right track.

But Leoni, a Goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, should not become the focus of another Hollywood marriage-divorce scandal. As a talented actress and modest humanitarian, the native New Yorker has much to offer in both respects, and her personal relationship with second husband Duchovny will not, for all intents and purposes, affect her skill in either field.